Thursday, April 1, 2010

Please pass it on!!

Small businesses grow by other people passing it on! That's me, I love to try to do anything I can to help other small businesses grow. You want to know what's going on in town, what's new...ask your hairdresser! We'll tell you! We all tell everyone all about Joelle's french bistro - divine! About Kabuki - delish! About Blue Danube - yum! And trust me, when Morro's opens (can't wait, I hear they will be serving dinner until midnight..i hope i didn't just dream that part:), we'll all be talking about it - They'll be serving lunch, so watch out - we'll taste everything for you:)

Some things pass me by, like for instance, I found this accidentally, and if it were not almost midnight, I might drive out there! It's called Paradise market, sounds foreign huh? OR far away at the least..NOPE, it's on Erie Blvd in Syracuse! I was just visiting Syracuse the other day, making a visit to THE worst Lawyer ever! (I can definitely tell you WHO NOT TO GO TO in the divorce lawyer department, just ask!) I should have visited it, sounds divine, fresh veggie vendors, crafter's and other artisans. Sounds promising, and reminds me of my favorite marche' in montreal! Finally good things are coming to Syracuse!