Friday, April 2, 2010

Cool things happen when you are featured in a magazine!

Really cool things! How come no one ever mentioned that? I got a call the other day from someone named Tev, he said he was the president for Bumble and Bumble, before they were bought out by Estee Lauder...(So of course while I was talking to him, I was also googling him..okay that may sound weird;) I found him right away and even impressed him with my mad psychic abilities..but then since I'm such a dork, I told him exactly what I mystery with me;)

So he asked me if I would like to try his product line that he has now, it's very exclusive, seems interesting..Here is the website! So I will receive this, see if I like it, I don't have any more space (of course I was very honest with him about that) but that if he wanted I would in fact try it (and of course I'll review fun, a product I wouldn't normally buy for myself, I kinda like this!!) and who knows what could happen in the future! Oh and the best yet, the guy was a native of upstate New York, near Woodstock, NY! So I just want to say Thank you again to Nails magazine and American Salon for featuring Bijou, not only was it such an honor, we've gotten plenty of fun calls from it.