Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweetheart dance in Skaneateles, NY

Just a quick little view..of a couple of the sweetheart dance attendees. Sparkles for their Dad's!

They love to tell us all about their dresses...SO important! And how they will do all the dancing and the Dad's will stand around and watch, but the last 3 dances are for the Daughters and the Daddy's...One little girl asked me if it was like that when they had dances when they are older, I said, yep, pretty much;) Some things are the same, no matter what the age of the boy is!

Look at that intent look on this little sweeties face, she is watching every sparkle that hits her head!

The best part, is the look on her face looking into the mirror...the brightness of her smile, the dreamy look in her eye..loving the curls and the sparkles...dreaming of putting her dress on:)

What a great day and what a great fundraiser that the Laker cross country team puts on!