Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sierra says...(Moroccan oil, not "Mongolian" oil, Mom!)

Since this is my first guest appearance on the Bijou Blog, I'm not quite sure where to start! I guess I can begin by introducing myself. I'm Sierra, the female version of Asher: receptionist extraordinaire. When you call Bijou and hear, "Bijou, this is Sierra, how can I help you?" you would be talking with me. We may have met, if you have come in on a Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Sunday, since I have been here since August. Otherwise, we have yet to experience the pleasure of an introduction. My hair doesn't usually look like the above picture, that was a special occasion, so don't be thrown off.

Nevertheless, Kim has recently boosted my job profile to be receptionist extraordinaire/product tester. My first assignment was MOROCCANOIL. Now, I had dabbled in this before, after I began working here, but after successfully using up the whole tester size I never got around to picking up more. That was wrong. My hair went from being silky smooth to, well, not so silky smooth. I did pick up the added bonus of extra split ends, which, and I won't lie to you, have gotten me through many a long class period. That same day, Michele did my hair and even remarked that it was very dry. She reached right for the MOROCCANOIL. All of the stylists love it!

Anyway, I brought the oil home. My mom didn't know what it was, so I explained that it locks in moisture and makes your hair a lot smoother. She was doing my little sister Ava's hair at the time, so she put some right in and, after drying her hair, agreed with me one hundred percent. She even asked me for some of mine. Actually, I caught her sneaking some. She thought I was sleeping, but I saw her. Gotcha, Mom. Sure enough, I "woke up" half an hour later and this is how the conversation went:
Mom: "Sierra, I used some of that "Mongolian oil" and its great! I used a dime size and look at how shiny it is!"
Me: "Well, Mom, I've never heard of this "Mongolian oil" and I have no idea what it is, but I'm glad it's working for you, I really am."
Now I've been using MOROCCANOIL every time that I wash my hair (my mom prefers the Mongolian version, apparently, but in my professional receptionist opinion stick with the MOROCCAN), and it's definitely getting a lot healthier. I say hey, take one of the smaller versions home, test it out, and soon you'll be begging for more!
Call me.


Anonymous said...

OKay, this is Mom with the silky smooth Mongolian hair.....when I sampled (not stole, filched or some other negative verb) it it was dark in Sierras room and, as an added bonus, I didn't have my contacts in yet....
Regardless my hair, and Avas, looks great! Smoooth, and well, Mongolian.

Bijou salon said...

LOVE the clarification Jennifer! Your daughter did an excellent job!