Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are we a salon of distinction?

So I have a couple of things in the works here, plus plenty on my mind...and since I never seem to get good quality sleep, I will let them out here. Beware, I may ramble, although this is a business blog per se, it is most certainly me behind the business and the gift of gab runs through my veins heartily!

So Thursday we have a big photo shoot. So (I may have mentioned this already here) there is a really special contest held every year in one of our trade magazines, it's my favorite one (and always has been, even when I was not an owner) because it's mostly about the business side of the salon. They have a wealth of knowledge and I scour the pages and check the internet site often their sister magazine is Modern Salon, the first trade magazine I picked up before becoming a stylist, I remember reading it at my hairdressers, thinking I was let in on some huge secret world, it's a really great magazine. (I warned you I would babble) Okay so back to the point..

On Wednesday night, I will go to the Laura's list event, (wouldn't miss it!) and then I will tuck my kids in and head back to the shop. What on earth would I be doing after 10pm at the shop? Well, you know how in Magazines, whether it be architectural magazines, decor magazines..anything like that, and you look at the pictures, you see nothing? If you're like me, you are jealous at the uncluttered look. The last time I entered this contest (I entered the first year I opened) I never knew...all the crap...yep, it's in the hallway, basement or outside the door..or what may be in our case, all three of those! On Thursday before noon strikes, we will be "staging" the salon to take 10 pictures. (check out here, here, here and here to see how other winners photos looked) I'm stressing over these pictures, because I have no idea what to shoot, but luckily I have friends to help me. Thanks God for my friends!

So have I mentioned the part about this contest that is the real stressful part? Not only stressful for me, but for the guy taking the shots? The deadline when everything needs to be postmarked, is February 1st. We are taking the pictures on January 28th, that leaves him 3 days to do his "magic" on them. When I took the leap to do this contest again, it was because I didn't want to have regrets, I wanted to right away jump head first, like last time. BUT I was hesitant, because last time I just got a letter saying, thank you for entering.

Last time I thought I could have a chance, but actually after looking over who won, I realized, I was so silly to think that. (This time, I have my game face one;)

Still though, I look over and over the previous winners, AND the salons of distinction, I focus alot on how much investment they put into their salon and I freeze...maybe I should not do this. Look closely, the minimum investment I think is still over 100k. Trust me, I am no where near that investment amount, I mean really, not that I wouldn't love to have shopped even more, but it wasn't going to happen! I (think) am intelligent enough to know that I do have some things the competition doesn't seem to have..such as, maybe it's a good thing that my budget (especially in these times) was conservative, maybe not everyone else had the luck of wonderful friends to join in and help, maybe nobody else will have our whimsical look....maybe, just maybe, we'll stand out, just a little bit.

So that is it, that is why I am up at 5am, tossing and turning..I'm nervous, of what, I'm not quite sure, it's not that I worry I won't win, I don't really expect to win the top titles, but maybe a salon of distinction award.. I worry about what the judges will say..I worry about making so much work for everyone...taking apart the salon and putting it back together, inconveniencing some clients, and taking time away from my friend who is once again helping me direct this shoot. (Thanks Shelly) (OOH Kay, click on that link and then sign up for her blog, you will love hers too! Hi Kay:) I worry, I worry, I worry. So I guess, maybe I could get some sleep, IF everyone who reads this, will say a little tiny wish for me. (save actual prayers for more important things:) And hopefully now my brain will have that much less worry, (ha!) so that I can actually fall back asleep, and last night I was actually so proud of myself because I got to bed before 11pm. Sheesh!

So just one more little thing, I'm also really excited because in the next couple of weeks, we will have some "guest" bloggers, I had the idea that rather than always just hearing my "voice" you should, could and would hear other Bijou team members voices. The first ones coming up are Stacy O'neal, her post will be about her three day hair (intriguing I know..that's the point;) and Sierra is working on her Moroccan oil masterpiece!