Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little Sally get's married!

So here is Sally...Funny thing, I met Sally when I first moved here...She was a friend of my teenage nephew...(who is no longer a teenager) I met her when she was 13 years old. Sally is now 27 and as of today, a married women! This is all so surreal to me, when I put the numbers together they don't make sense...I met her when she was 13...I have a 10 and 15 year old (she had babysat that 15 year old, when he was 2!) right doesn't seem that so many years passed...BUT somehow they did! I hate how time flies, even when you're not always having fun!

Well here she is in her before picture...really she could have gone down the aisle just like this...well minus the leopard print beautiful already!

Okay, quite a few curls and lots of Kenra #25 hairspray...and many many bobby she is, a natural look, just like the natural girl she is!

Here is her before photo, without make the simple transformation of the bareminerals make up!


I used...Fairly light foundation...absolutely no concealer (she didn't need it) the illuminating mineral veil (perfect for photographs) True (my absolute favorite allover face bronzer/color) and for the kitten as a liner with the weather-all waterproof system (I saw Sally at Midnight and not a bit of make up had worn all!!!) nude beach (described as a warm sand) all over the eye, heart (described as a Victorian rose) and devotion (described as a velvet plum) for accenting the eye and a tiny bit of my favorite Queen Phyllis (described as a soft sunlight) to highlight right under the brow line for a beautiful look!! I then used the natural nude lip liner with a bit of sugar cookie buxom, (to give her grooms lip's a little tingle when she gave him their first married kiss:)