Thursday, September 10, 2009

Introducing Stacy O'neal!! Our 8th Bijou girl!

I'm so excited to announce we have another great addition! And another Midwesterner to boot!

All of the Bijou girls were all getting so busy that I was finding myself having to turn people away...After Samantha (end of January) came aboard, I thought we'd be settled for quite a while, she was our 7th girl, but then that thing started happening again, where we were turning people away and I started thinking...maybe it's time to add another girl...but who...and honestly, I was too busy myself to even think about placing an ad...I just started thinking about it and then what happened?? Courtney tells me, "Hey this really nice girl stopped in asking about a job..she was really nice, I liked her alot!" and then I thought...hmmm, I'm really good at this thinking about something and then it appearing, I so wish it could work for other things;)

So Stacy came in on a Sunday, actually the Sunday of Father's day (I'll have to thank her husband for letting her escape from him that day:) We talked for quite a while, Thomas had some questions and it just went so well, we knew we couldn't let her go!

Let me tell you about her from my point of view. Just talking to Stacy, you want to keep her talking because her voice is kind and caring, you just want her to take care of everything for you...from the moment I met her, I wanted her to do my hair first! (I'm so lucky that it's part of the interview process, a haircut and color, lucky me!) In fact practically every single other Bijou girl was lining up to get in with her, there's just something about her, you want her to work her magic on you! It could be that every thing about her looks perfect (although she says it's hard work, it looks effortless and natural on her) and you want her to make you look the same..perfect!

The other thing that is so great about Stacy is how she just jumped right in, and landed into the Bijou family so gracefully! I really called her in on a day that we were down a girl who was out sick and asked her if she wanted to fill in on really short notice, she said yes, she'd be right there! And the other girls have all taken to her so perfectly, it's as if she has always been here!

A longtime client of mine who had a pedicure and manicure by Stacy today, said "She was really great! She fits right into your beautiful salon!"

So without further is Stacy's bio, to tell you a little about her background! And thank you Stacy for joining our Bijou team!

Stacy O'neal is an enthusiastic and skillful cosmetologist who emphasizes excellent client customer service. After graduating from Harrold's Beauty Academy, in Terre Haute, Indiana, she built an impressive clientele base and worked as an educator for Chi haircolor. In 2007, Stacy and her family moved to the beautiful finger lake region to start a new journey. Scott O'neal, her husband, is employed by TRW Automotive in Auburn. They have two boys, Colton (14) and Brandon (10), who are very active with sports in the Marcellus school district. Stacy has recently taken a position at the beautiful salon, Bijou, in Skaneateles, where she specializes in hair coloring, cutting, and styling, as well as spa pedicures. She has a passion for making people look and feel their absolute best. Stacy's favorite quote is, "Every journey begins with a single step."