Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How does Bijou stay so clean??

Want to know how Bijou keeps it's sparkle??

Because we have Mimi!!
Mimi, who will climb tall ladders, we try to stop her, but she won't have it...she climbed up on her 3 story roof after she had a hip replacement, a little ladder is nothing to her!! She'll even strike her dance pose up there..something that made Asher's heart stop!

I am grateful for Mimi, she is my eyes to see what becomes normal to me...she saw the dust on the ceiling fans...I forgot to look up:) oops (we only installed them 2 months ago..who knew dust accumulated SO fast!)
She keeps our retail area shining!
And more importantly she comes in twice a week to give us some mothering:) We all need it once in a while..she makes sure we are all taking care of ourselves...makes sure she gives our little ego's the boosts we need and she gives us pep talks when we need it:)
She's like sunshine:)

Thanks Mimi!