Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baremineral questions answered!!!

While browsing for info on how to put together a class/party for Bareminerals, I found this awesome site that is so informative and told me things I didn't even know. They are very fair, they also review other mineral make ups and list ingredients of others. I liked it because it's not a biased opinion, it gives the pro's and con's of all mineral make up!

Here is the link, I hope you learn as much as I did! Click here, we'll zoom you there!

We will be announcing, via our email blasts, (so if you don't receive our emails be sure to sign up for them to be informed of coupons and events! Just look to the right of our blog page and there will be a link, let me know if you have any problems, you could also call the front desk and ask them to add you to the email list:) news of our Bareminerals party! We plan to have stations to try Aveda skin care and get a free sample and also stations for foundation, lips and cheeks and if you ever wanted to try the Baremineral line, this will be your chance! Stay tuned!