Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Bijou blog has had some "re-decoration"

Hey, did you notice!

The Bijou blog has had a bit of work done to it! I can thank Lealou design for what they did! I absolutely am in love with it! I can't stop looking at it....It's SO pretty! Now when I step into my blog...I feel like I'm right there standing in Bijou!

I'm really lucky...I say this because life is good and I feel really blessed!

We had our Chamber after hours tonight, the Bijou girls all work so hard, they're great, pitching right in, joining in the fun of creating a night of fun, food and drinks! that the Bijou blog is re-decorated...Shelly, Chiara and I need to brainstorm on how to decorate a porta pottie! NO, you heard me correctly....A porta pottie! We at Bijou have sponsored a porta pottie and prizes can be the peoples choice award...(hehe) whoever goes the most in your porta pottie, wins! I'm thinking, between the 3 of us...and the rest of the Bijou girls...we can definately get a silly ol' porta pottie to look like the inside of Bijou! (will I eat my words?) Any suggestions will be greatly, and I do mean GREATLY appreciated!

You will be hearing alot about the Pink cow bingo! It's going to be a blast! The last event that Laura Ponticello put on...(remember, the Thom Filicia event...wooo that was fun!) was fantabulous and this one will literally KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!

And the great thing is, it will all benefit Positively pink packages!

Stay tuned for some pictures of the after hours.