Monday, January 26, 2009

Searba's Birthday party and salon takeover!!!

What you are looking at ladies and the future owner of Bijou!

Let me tell you a little story...Here is my cute little friend, you see, I knew her before she was even born...I've done her Mommy's hair for 12 years! Little Gracey here, has been to an appointment or two of her Mother's! I do believe that in her Mommy's tummy, she paid very close attention during those visits. You see for a very long time she has pretended to be a stylist and masseuse, doing hand massages, foot massages and styling Mom and Dad's hair. Her name when she is a stylist is "Searba"! How cute is THAT?!?!
So for "Searba's" 9th birthday, she came to Bijou. Look what a good little representative of Bijou she is...she wore our colors!!!!
The girls got their nails done, their hair styled and colored (don't worry, it washes out:) and glittered to the max! I bet there was some dancing and cat walking too! It was a dream B'day party for her!
So "Searba" whenever you want, come in and see us Bijou girls again, we'll even have an extra apron for you to wear. You can be our helper for a day:) We would love it!!

Happy Birthday
Gracey! Chase said he thought you looked really pretty in those colors! (ahem, they may get married one day you know..hmmm I wonder if Gracey knows that is a sure fire way to own Bijou?;)