Monday, December 8, 2008

100th birthdays and why I love the internet!

Today I had the Honor, and I do mean Honor with a capital H, to meet Helen. She is a local Skaneateles resident who is turning 100!

Thanks to the Internet, her Granddaughter Leslie contacted me a few weeks ago asking if we could come to her beloved Grandmothers house who was turning 100 years old for a manicure, something she wasn't sure if her grandma had ever had!! How could I ever refuse! I knew I would have a lovely time and it was something that I looked forward to from the moment I booked the appointment for her!

So today was the day and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous, I was worried mostly that she would be very fragile and as I was going to give her a manicure, I worried about the massage part, I wondered to myself if she would really understand what was going on or be able to hear me! ( I was remembering my grandmother, who at 90 was very frail. Okay....NOT the case for Helen! I should have asked her my most burning question....HOW did you do it! This wonderful women was up and around, and not slowly either, she was calm and sharp as a the sharpest tool in the shed! Her hands looked that of my moms hands (and she is in her 60's)!

I could have really stayed all day, she told me that she met her husband in the 8th grade right here in Skaneateles. They are both turning 100, she is tomorrow and him next year sometime! He was also a spry guy, putting his hands over hers to steal her manicure time..she was teasing him that there would be no dishes for her this week! They were both so interesting, telling me about the dance halls that were in town, he used to play in a band and they would all go dancing. Someplace near Legg hall I think and near the bank drive thru, I know, I know, I should have taken notes!!

So Thank you Leslie, for searching manicures in Skaneateles and coming up with Bijou and Thank you for calling. Thank you Helen for letting me be a part of your surprise! It was truly an honor, I do hope in the spring we can do that pedicure, something you said you have never had before! (Next time, I'd be sure to take notes!)