Saturday, November 8, 2008

Brand new Pedicure units at Bijou in Skaneateles and how we learned our lesson to not purchase things made in China!Okay

Okay we here at Bijou, strive for perfection!  Plain and simply, we want the best for our customers!  

When a little over a year ago I was making the decisions for equipment and my heart was skipping a beat over the price of the luxury pedicure chairs made in Europe.  After much consideration (well as much consideration 2 weeks would allow) I decided to either get one pedicure chair OR get two, but not the ones I wanted.  My good friend at Syracuse Beauty, assured me that these pedicure units that were designed by an American company, but manufactured in China were okay...well he wasn't too convinced himself, but they did have a 2 year warranty so that was a plus, and they had all the rest of the options I insisted on.  (Pipeless technology, massaging seats, etc)

The first thing I noticed when we tried them out, was the roller on the back that should go up and down, only stayed in one spot, not a big issue, as one of my massage therapist friends often sits in it to actually "adjust" her back.  But to me, it was not perfect, I did want perfection, but this would have to do for now.  Planning on in a couple of years getting the ones I really wanted!

So for the first year, they did their jobs okay, but had some issues along the way.  Both of them at different times sprung leaks, once we pushed in the button for the spa and it pushed all the way in, another time the lovely green light kept flickering on and off.  Just annoying and well I guess common these days for made in China stuff:(  So not too long ago, pedicure chair number 2, started leaking, when Jerry came to look at it, and I mentioned how many things would have to happen before I declared them lemons and had them replace them, he informed me that unfortunately the company went out of business, altogether!  Oh great, now if he could not fix it, there was no place to send it back to.  Jerry was kind enough to offer me a trade in, for the models I wanted to begin with.  The European Spa, with the roller back that goes up AND down your back.   So we did lose a little bit on the deal, but not as bad as it could have been!  The way I look at it is, had it not been for all of you and giving those pedicure units a run for our money, we wouldn't be in the position to be able to get the ones we want for you!  So thank you!  And please come in and give them a test drive!  I guarantee it, you'll love them even more than the other ones:)

Be sure to stop in at Bijou in Skaneateles to check out our brand new European touch, pipeless technology, luxury pedicure units!  While you are here, be sure to stop at the desk and sign up for our email list!!!  We send out coupons regularly for our special clients.  And there has been talk in  the salon with the girls about doing a coupon after all the holiday craziness, for a BOGO free deal.  Shhhh, don't tell everyone;)

The new units will arrive Sunday bright and early, the only morning that we are not there, being open 7 days a week sometimes has its disadvantages:)

Okay so after reading through the website for European touch, I realized what a sucker I am (or rather how gullible I am:) To correct myself, before Thomas (who is European;) does, European touch is not made in Europe, but in Wisconsin....well come on, there has to be a lot of European heritage there...I know I have been to German fest in Milwaukee!  So rather than going back and rewording everything in this post...I figured some of you who really know me, would get a laugh.  Most of you know I believe everything at first and am very trusting as well:)  However, they are indeed MADE IN THE USA  and that is good enough for us!!