Monday, November 3, 2008

Back to brown and blue!

October is officially over!

Time to store away the pink capes (the young men we have been putting pink capes on are breathing a sigh of relief;), pink combs, pink retail bags and pink ribbons everywhere! Our month of fundraising is over! Although our last week of the month was one of our slowest, with a lot of sicknesses, including mine, we had one of our top months thus far!

I don't have the official number yet, (I will post that as soon as Thomas gives it to me:) I have a semi official word that it is close to $2000 that we will be sending to the National Breast Cancer foundation! Next year for October, I say we double that! Which I think is 100% attainable, because we really brainstormed for this fundraiser last minute and with more preparation, could have done even better!

One thing I hope to do, that happened in the last couple of weeks, is to join forces with Laura Ponticello, right from the start this time. Laura approached me toward the end of the month (although it's better late than never;) and I was delighted to collaborate with her, and carry her lovely lavender products. She generously donated 20% of her sales (in anticipation of selling them, so far so good, we only have 4 sets left!) from the lavender whip, room spray and soap! The trio is a great deal for $30.00 (also sold separately) it makes a wonderful gift and the smell is pure heaven! I will be sure to make a post solely dedicated to the Lavender gal's products, because Laura always donates a portion of her sales to some charity (which is why she has been voted the woman of the week) and that makes me honored to carry her products! (click on all the highlighted areas in this paragraph and read just who is - Laura Ponticello!)

But I am super pleased with this first attempt:) Thank you to everyone, including the hardworking Bijou girls and the ever faithful clients new and old! Once again, we couldn't have done it without YOU!