Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tip for the Week from Bijou!

The best advice I can give you if your hair seems to be dry and frizzy...Is a few things:

  • Use quality conditioners, at one time I really thought that all conditioners and shampoo's were created equal. UNTIL, one summer I decided to use a name brand conditioner and shampoo, I won't say which one, but it is a bright green bottle and makes huge promises as to the condition of your hair! While I used the product for about 2 months, the first couple of weeks I thought, okay, seriously, my hair felt just like the bottle promised....smooth, shiny and healthy! UNTIL a couple more weeks passed by, my hair started to feel everything I didn't want it to feel and look...dull, brittle and lifeless...I felt a build up, and each day my hair felt more and more like it was going to break right off! What I realized after switching to one of my old trusted standbys my hair felt better after about a week and I vowed never again to go for the cheap stuff. The more I started to think about it and look at the made sense to me, it's simple actually, over the counter product lines promise big stuff, but they are super inexpensive, the only way they could deliver and in a quick fix sort of way, is to put a lot of wax, something that coats the hair and makes it smooth, shiny and combeable. BUT the problem happens when that wax is never removed and eventually builds up, creating a barrier and not allowing moisture to penetrate. I can always tell when someone is using one of "those" shampoo's and soon as their hair is wet, you can smell what they use, that should tell you that their is a major build up going on! Well enough about that, I may be completely wrong, that is just my personal experience to share, I'd love to hear yours too:)
  • Another great tip is to take a comb or pick in the shower! This helps so much and I always have people coming back after I give them this tip saying how much difference it made! If you imagine a piece of crumpled paper, what happens to it when you dip it in some paint and then un-crumple it, all the places where it was crumpled are not touched by the paint...well it's the same for hair, when it's tangled and you apply conditioner, the places where the tangles are, the most driest parts of the hair, are not touched. Trust me, try it, apply your conditioner, comb or pick it out and feel the difference!

I would love to hear what works for you when you have dry hair, so drop us a line, or hit the comment button and don't worry you don't have to sign up for anything, just leave a comment under anonymous and you can just type your name there:)