Thursday, August 28, 2008

The story...before and after...

This is "M", (looking a wee bit nervous, don'tcha think?;) she came with her friend "M", we called them "M&M"!

Dear friends they are, but both very different. Opposites attract, I would say. The "M" in the photo above, is very low maintenance, earthy, not fussy at all. The other "M" is always dressed to the nines, ready to hit a Paris fashion show or volunteer at the book exchange at our local library, she never has a hair out of place and boy can she shop (especially for a bargain)! Both women are wonderful, they are the type of women you want in your lives...the type to be influenced by, the kind of women that inspires you to do and accomplish what they have. I love to hear stories that have influenced them. I could sit for hours and listen to their banter....
Ah yes, banter..."M" with the Swedish blond hair (the one instigating the before and after transformation, the one with the mischievous grin in the background) she wanted a big change for lovely white haired "M"....she won! Persistence is her specialty!!

The afternoon was about we went for a subtle change and although Swedish "M" would have liked an allover color, she settled for a low light...we pulled formerly white haired "M" through pretty heavy with the soft foam cap (no uncomfortable rubber caps here;) and low lighted her with a beautiful shade of natural and smoky dark blond! The results...were phenomenal and both "M&M" were happy, very happy!!!

It is a shame that everyday, everyone can't be in the shop, as the color came out beautifully (even better than the picture) and perfect in every way! A very subtle, yet noticeable change...what more can you ask for!!!?
It was a very fun afternoon, with a lot of laughs and old stories that we were all able to hear.

The whole afternoon made me want to call my best friend from long ago!

Thanks "M&M" for a fun and snarky afternoon, you guys are hysterical!

Look for Swedish "M" in our salon come fall, she will be our front desk coordinator and "cruise director", that is when she is not taking salsa lessons!! We can't wait for her banter in the shop, she is the kind of person that makes you feel wonderful about yourself when she talks to, she has been my biggest cheering section, encouraging me in many ways even outside of the shop, I know she will be a surrogate Mom to us girls here at Bijou, and we can't wait!!

Once again, I feel so fortunate and blessed.