Friday, August 29, 2008

Bijou summer helper...

Us girls at Bijou were fortunate enough to have a young girl working with us to help at the front desk. Yeah yeah, I know nothing unusual, teenagers do that all the time. Well let me tell you, in my experience at Salons since I have first picked up shears...every and I mean every front desk girl I worked with (especially the teen age type or even slightly older) never ever could figure out what to do...they always have to have a list and if you didn't keep on them, they would just sit there staring into space, they never had an attention to detail and seemed to have a care less attitude! (I found that to be with most babysitters I had, hmmph, very annoying)

So when Victoria started, I just assumed that is how it would be, I made that assumption, only because of my consistent experiences before. Boy was I dead wrong! This girl needs to give lessons. All of us Bijou girls will confirm, this girl is awesome! The first week, I started her with a list, the basics: dusting, emptying trash, keeping towels stocked, facing product and restocking...the next week, I gave her another list with a couple of more added things..hmmm, that was really strange, I noticed she did everything right away on the previous weeks list, even though I had not written those ones down. Then the next week, I had 3 or 4 things for her to do, she (without the list anymore) did those things, PLUS the 3 or 4 from the week before AND the 6 or so from the first week. Honestly, if I would have given her 4 things each week, by the end of the summer, the girl would have had a daily list in her head of 50 or so things.

What I wish she could teach other young girls is...that she made herself indispensible in our eyes. There is no other Victoria, we all worship her and are so impressed with her. She never sat once and learned so quickly. I can't tell you what a great experience it was for us! She made us all wish to have daughters just like her. Her work ethic and moral code is to be admired, and she is only 15, imagine where she will go:)

Her mother is a dear dear friend of mine (in fact, when "M & M" were in the other day, I pictured ourselves in many years bantering and acting up like them) She grew up in a strict Greek household and often says, "I wasn't even allowed to have 2 eyebrows". Lucky Victoria, since she has worked with us, she IS allowed to have two eyebrows:)

Now the summer is over and this girl is an academic, not to mention athletic champ. She will no longer fill our days with sunshine, share our sandwiches four ways, clean our stations so meticulously, sweep before we drop the hair, straighten our small reception area and most importantly pick up smiley face cookies for us!  Our clients and all of us will miss her terribly, it was wonderful to see a young girl with such a distinct work ethic and we THANK YOU Victoria, you are the best!  Now go start to work on that class to teach other kids this fantastic work ethic!