Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jessica Simpson hair-do in Skaneateles @ Bijou

I had mentioned in a previous post, that we had Jessica Simpson easy hair extensions. They are great fun and if you want to have a different look for, oh say, just a problem, just clip it in and take it out when your night is over!

The photos here were my little friend N, she was saying "I want to grow my hair really long, but I can't wait...I want it now!!" So I looked up at my Jessica Simpson hair extensions and thought...hmmmm, immediate satisfaction for a 5 year old! I was about to become N's Hero for the day!!

I hope you enjoy the delight in N's face as much as I did, she thought that was just the coolest thing to have long hair one minute and short the next! We finished her off, by straightening her slightly wavy hair and the smile on her cute little face says how much she loved it!


drooz studio said...

this is just too cute!
i believe I have had the pleasure of beig in the salon one day when N was there - she is adorbale...
and...I've seen these Jessica Simpson hair extentions in action -you have provided immediate satisfaction and SUPER smiles for 4 to 44 year olds!