Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easy updo you can do at home!

Tired of the messy pony tails and buns? To me, they are getting old, I feel like the polished look is right around the corner. But still simple..

Here's how you can create one at home!

  1. Smooth hair back with a FLAT BRUSH into a low ponytail in the back or off to the side, securing with an elastic band.

  2. Smooth a dime-size dab of Bb GROOMING CREME throughout the lengths of the ponytail for soft, smooth control...with shine!

  3. Braid the ponytail and wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail, then tuck the ends under. For a slightly messy look (start with Bb sea spray before drying), you can take your pony tail, divide it into 3 sections to get it ready for the braid and "rough" up each section with a pick or teasing brush, smooth the outer layer out gently to keep the "poof" and proceed with the braiding. Do whatever you feel like or whatever your style is!

  4. Finish with Bumble's SPRAY DE MODE for perfect hold and shine!

As always, if you need help, at your next appointment, ask your Bijou girl to help you with this easy trick, that way you can wow your friends at the next event you go to!