Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bridal hair, how-to, done by Courtney

The inspiration..for an upcoming bride...(you won't see a face, because it's top secret)

Have you ever wondered how to get from here, (below) to the photo up above? You think it can't be done? Well at Bijou, it can be done! We don't cut corners, we don't rush, we listen..And we always back each other up if we just can't seem to get it...You're always in good hands at Bijou!

As you can see, this bride has super curly hair..for her trial, we straightened it..(you won't believe the difference, her mother was shocked!)

Yep, it's the same hair..the color difference is actually because the flash hit up above in the curly shots, but also because light is able to reflect through the curly strands so much it appears to be a bit of a warmer color.

And here is the finished product! The bride to be was very happy, we stored a picture in her profile on our computer system, so on her big day we will be all prepared!