Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Hey, you've got some spinach in your teeth"

You might be wondering why in the world I have put a photo of a woman with spinach in her teeth?

This was used as a metaphor, that to me, was purely poetic! Here, let me tell you.

First let me say that since opening this business, I have recognized the value of client feedback. This is something that I am truly grateful for and knowing that has made me speak up in a nice way when I am receiving a service or visiting a place I care about, and share with feedback.

Only once this bit me, but I am reasonable enough to know, everyone is not like me and does not want to know the good, the bad and the ugly.

Most recently I had a great experience in doing this with one of my most favorite places ever. My family went their for dinner and it just didn't measure to the other 3 times we went for holidays, I reflected on it for days...Do I, don't I? Well I decided to write a note to the general manager and was so happy that I did, he took it as I would have and for that I was pleased, I hope my words were useful in some small way to them.

Have I mentioned I love Karma. A week later I received a letter from a wonderful client who shared an experience with me about a service that was slightly less than. While reading the letter and how she was sharing with me such VALUABLE insight to my salon, I was practically jumping up and down in my chair, feeling completely grateful that she took the time and cared enough...yes cared enough, to say..."Hey guys, you've got some spinach in your teeth"...true friends do that and for a client to do that, this makes me somehow proud, many feelings, I just can't name them all!

In her letter she started by saying this :Kim,

I have debated emailing you regarding my recent Bijou appt since last weekend. I didn't want to come off as a hard to please whiner and was just going to forget about it, but now I am thinking that (as a business owner) you probably would want to hear the good and the bad. So, before I change my mind again, I am writing.

She told me in detail the good, the bad and a teensy bit of ugly. And she ended it with:
You are NOT going to lose my business over this. I LOVE coming to Bijou for my hair, my kids hair.
PS: How funny is it that I am sitting here hoping this email doesn't ruin your mood?!

I replied to her how grateful I was and how important her feedback was to us, (I had showed all the girls the note and they all took it as an extremely fortunate letter, all feeling exactly the same way as me..I love that about my Bijou girls) she replied with this: I am glad my feedback fell on such wonderful ears. What a relief that you took my email the way it was intended (my timing ended up being right with your experience). You could understand I wasn't blasting the salon or looking for a refund /redo--- just pointing out some spinach in the teeth of a beautiful woman. : )

So do us and your favorite places a favor, be a friend and tell us when we have spinach in our teeth, or toilet paper on our shoe. My favorite saying ( of them..I have SO many) that I tell my kids and the girls at work...You will learn more from doing the wrong thing at times, than doing things right all the time.

Thank you again Karen, this one was for you:) and for my Bijou girl Sam, who politely reminded me that it's been some time since I blogged, your little nudge inspired me, so you see, always speak up, never worry about reminding me to do my job:)