Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh MY! Look at the cute stuff at Bijou in Skaneateles!

Summer's pick for the retail item this month is this little handy product! Great for on the go cuticle care! And look, it has the coveted ALLURE magazine stamp of approval! So many products at Bijou have it, because we want only the best for you!

Okay, I really really really want this for myself! But, I must control myself! It comes in HOT PINK, BRILLIANT TURQUOISE, AND A CHARCOAL GRAY...I think I'm in love! And a steal
at $20!

These are "Bijou's" gems...When I was naming Bijou, and Thomas (my handsome Frenchman) said.."Bijou!?" "I don't get it, are you selling jewelry?" I told him it was okay here to name things that didn't necessarily correspond with what they are, but in fact, it may have been a self fulfilling prophecy, because, for fun...Bijou does sell "Bijou's"!

These are my favorite things to have at Bijou, just little inexpensive, make your outfit complete, bracelets! All bracelets are only $15 and everyone who wears them get compliments galore! These are HOT ones, they are simply elegent and cool at the same time!

And of course our rings, a new addition, I want every single one of them! Each one different in many ways! They go SO fast, so come take a look! Another great way to make a simple outfit look double as classy!

Check out these HOT new polishes, perfect for Easter baskets, oh yeah, speaking of Easter baskets and eggs...

Be sure to stop into Bijou to pick your egg! Great savings and deals/steals for you! Our gift of appreciation to you and A happy Easter to everyone in your family!