Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Michele Zeppieri does an amazing spring revival!

So we had two young girls come in, the first model used to have highlights a while ago, she had, at the beginning of winter gone back to her natural palette, but longed for the California blond she used to have!

Her friend that she brought (it's always fun to do a makeover together) had faded, dullish color..she dreamed of a richer darker color..Michele assessed both of their hair, picked colors that both clients liked and also disliked..had a really thorough consultation and made a plan!

You can scroll all the way down and see, both girls loved it! It was so nice to see in person, their eyes and personality "popped"! This is what I love about color, seeing the reaction!

*I really should make videos of it, because in my words only, you miss all the dialogue, these girls were cracking us up!