Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A beautiful, rich color, done by Stacy O'neal at Bijou in Skaneateles!

Stacy was a CHI color educator in Terra Haute, IN, before coming to Bijou. All of us absolutely adore Stacy and so do our Bijou clients!

Today she did an awesome Chocolatey color, the client had gone darker a couple of weeks ago, but it had faded all away, so Stacy stepped in, made some really great calls on what color to use and voila! Here she is! If I were really smart, I would have taken a before picture and the pictures she brought in...I wasn't expecting the color to be so dramatic and gorgeous and let me tell you, Polly was one happy camper!

Great job Stacy!

UPDATE: Polly came back the next day with a huge smile on her face and a lot of thanks for the new color! It's the best when we get to see it after it's done and to know that they are really indeed happy with the results! Thanks!