Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Bijou boat is ready to be launched!!

From years ago when they first started the antique boat show in skaneateles, I remember seeing the red and blue boats and how the different shops decorated them! I always adored looking at what was in them and always bought a raffle to win one...I think I did win one once!

I remember working at places previously who participated in the little boat show and once I do believe I even got to either help decorate one or do it all, my memory is not that good that I actually remember what I did....But I do remember thinking....if this were my boat...I'd really decorate it up. You see to me I always saw these little boats that businesses made up, as mascots or shall we say floats in a parade...They should be decorated to represent your business...I guess just for fun, but for pride too! (At my High school each class had a float that we decorated, that was my favorite memory...these little boats are like little floats to me)

I want to Thank the Chamber of commerce for still offering these boats to the local businesses and for those of you who have as much fun decorating them, kudos's to you:)

So tell me, we win the float contest...I mean boat Our Bijou boat is pretty awesome if I do say so myself, and I don't toot my horn all that often;)