Saturday, July 25, 2009

If you haven't seen our new window yet...

Our new window stickers finally were delivered, yahoo! Here they are being put up, I love how everyone was watching, just as exciting to them as it was to me...Hence the reason I put front desk in charge of taking photos to document know just for you...(and me;)

Our little friend Em was watching...look she drew Bijou, how perfect is it, next time I need a mural..I'll call Em!
Ha, I had to include this one, I know Ellen reads this and she'll get to this photo and think...I'm gonna kill her;) haha gotta stay out of my camera's way..or else you too could end up on the Bijou Blog!!! Muahhahahha!

AHhhh the finished product, so nice! Now we just need the other sign on top to be finished...the one that will say....A little gem!