Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another change at Bijou - adventures in haircoloring!

Okay here we have Claire! She called me wanting a change! I so wish that my camera could pick up the color better, I do have to read up on how to make that happen, because the photos just don't show it 100%. I will have to try to use my words to help you envision the color! Wish me luck!

So Claire asked for something different, she has never colored her hair, but wants to start the New Year off like the rest of us, making changes! She wanted something darker on the bottom, and red or purple on top....but in a conservative way! We both came with the same conclusion that it should just be a hint of it, not a jump in your face..whooa I'm purple! Something that when people look at you, they see the shine and when the light or sun reflects a certain way....they think...."wait, did I just see a little bit of purple?"

So we chose a demi permanent color, something that will fade after a couple months back to her normal color. The bottom color that we wove out in a star pattern, pulling the bangs down to for a special effect was a dark violet, very subtle and the top color we chose was one shade lighter red violet! On top of her already dark hair, the end result was exactly what we wanted!!

A good analogy for the differences between permanent hair color, demi or semi and translucent color is...picture a sock, now get it cannot see your toes at all...that is permanent. Now take tights or stockings, get them wet, you can see the toes a little bit, just a hint of them there...That is semi permanent or demi permanent. The last one is nylons, get them wet, and you can completely see your toes and the shapes, but they are slightly different in color...that is translucent. It's all in the size of the molecules that the colors have...okay I may have made that more confusing, but some might get it;) I try, I really do:)

So anway, here is Claire, her hair is a natural dark brown, a bit wavy and generally a finer texture, she has great curl that when she wears it naturaly curly with some moroccan oil or curl defining solution, it really is the perfect curl that everyone wants!

Can you see the side layer just touching her jaw bone? If there was some sun we could see the color, but let's keep in mind it is January, and this is upstate New York! If anyone wants to volunteer some time to teach me better photography skills, I'd be more than happy:)

Here she is after, sleek and straight, subtle yet a huge change! We layered the front a lot and put some very long side bangs! Awesome!