Monday, November 24, 2008

The new pedicure chairs have taken off, estimated arrival time...

Estimate arrival time is 1 hour! Wooo hoo, I think I'll take a seat and get a fantastic warming of the buns and massage:) Yes they have heaters, ahhh luxury at it's best!

It is 3pm right now and they are due to be here around 4pm or so! Now i'm getting a bit nervous...what if I don't like them!? No! I think I'll be fine, I saw the exact models but 4 years older and I would have taken the old ones in a second!

I'll post photos:) gee I feel like an expecting auntie or something:) maybe I should start knitting some pedicure socks until they come!

Stay tuned, pictures to follow:) yippee skippee!